Evidence for CHAP

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The Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) has been contributing to the international body of research on cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases since 2000. CHAP was developed through a number of pilot projects, scientific trials, and community-wide demonstrations. Many academic and research institutions have been involved. (Historical Partners)  (Current Partners)

Throughout CHAP’s history, the highest academic standards have been maintained to ensure scientific rigour, and many peer reviewed journals have published CHAP findings.  CHAP has undergone significant evolution as the scope and breadth of research has developed, including 5 distinct phases starting in 2000. See details, below.

Research continues to develop programs to adapt, implement and evaluate CHAP in different settings, for different populations, and for risk factors associated with other cardiovascular diseases.

<Current CHAP Research> (2011- present; Phase 5)

<Previous CHAP Research > (2000- 2010; Phase 1-4)