CHAP Sessions

At CHAP sessions, trained peer volunteers assist older adults to take BP measurements with an automated blood pressure measuring device and ensure the accurate recording of these measurements and other self-reported CVD risk factor data on a standardized risk profile form. This information is given to participants and forwarded to family physicians and pharmacists with participants’ consent. Based on their risk factor assessment, participants receive tailored information on modifiable risk factors and links to local programs and resources. An on-call nurse is available to assess participants who have very high or very low BP, and volunteers refer eligible participants to pharmacists for a MedsCheck assessment (please visit for more information). Diagnosis, treatment and management of hypertension is highly complex and often outside the control of the family physician. By taking reliable BP measurements, promoting lifestyle modification and medication adherence, and providing feedback to family physicians, CHAP supplements family physician care in regards to preventing and managing cardiovascular disease and stroke.