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CHAP Initiatives:

Sep 3, 2018 PSSC : Un programme qui a fait ses preuves:

July 19 2018 CHAP-Philippines:  

Mar 14 2018 A unique community led health promotion chronic disease prevention and management program (CCNV News)

Nov 2 2017 Government of Canada invest in Research for the Prevention and Control of High Blood Pressure (Government of Canada)

Masked Hypertension and Misdiagnosis:

Mar 20 2017 Surdiagnostics d’hypertension: 4 choses à savoir     (

Mar 20 2017 Do you really have high blood pressure?     (

Mar 20 2017  High Blood Pressure: Here’s Why Many People Do Not Need Treatment    (Tech Times)

Mar 20 2017 One-fifth of Canadians diagnosed with hypertension don’t actually have it: study (Global News)

Mar 20 2017 Up to 1 in 5 high blood pressure diagnoses may be wrong: study   (CTV News)

Mar 20 2017La pression artérielle parfois mal évaluée (Radio Canada)

Mar 20 2017 Many Canadian family doctors still use manual devices to measure blood pressure, study shows (Medical News)

Mar 20 2017   Do You Really Have High Blood Pressure? (Newswise)

Mar 20 2017 Use Electronic Measurement to Diagnose, Monitor Blood Pressure (MedIndia)

Mar 20 2017 Do you really have high blood pressure? (Health Medicine Network)

Mar 20 2017Do you really have high blood pressure? (EurekAlert!)

Hypertension Prevention and Treatment:

Ap 25 2018 GetDownBP with Dr. Janusz Kaczorowski (Hypertension Canada)