CHAP-Subsidized Housing

CHAP Subsidized Housing:


CHAP as a program of research will take place in subsidized seniors’ buildings in both Ontario and Quebec in 2018/2019. Based on seminal work in pharmacies, CHAP successfully lowered blood pressure and decreased all-cause mortality at a community level. We aim to determine if CHAP could be adapted to subsidized housing, specifically targeting older adults.

Trained volunteers, supervised by a research nurse, measure blood pressure (BP) and conduct risk assessments for cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, and diabetes. Based on these assessments, participants are provided health education, referral and navigation to access community health and social resources, including reporting their health information to their primary care provider.

Further to pilot work in Hamilton in subsidized housing, the program goal is to improve the cardiovascular health of vulnerable older adults living in subsidized housing, by raising awareness of CVD, and empowering better self-care, ultimately leading to better quality of life. This program is expected to lead to improved health care utilization, as indicated by the following outcomes: decreased emergency department (ED) visit rates, hospital admission rates, and mortality, with special emphasis on cardiovascular events.