Dr. Tamara Daly PhD

Tamara-DalyDr. Tamara Daly is chairholder of the Canada Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in Gender, Work and Health.  By training, she is a health services researcher and a political economist who studies health care work, aging and long-term care policy, gender, ethnicity and health policy.  She is currently a co-investigator and co-theme leader on a 7 year Major Collaborative Research Initiative named Re-imagining Long-term Care Residential Care: International Study of Promising Practices, which includes an international team of experts from 6 different countries.

Dr. Daly is also the Principal Investigator on a CIHR funded research project entitled Invisible Women, which explores the provision of informal care by paid companions, volunteers, family and students in long-term care facilities. She is also the Principal Investigator on a CIHR PHSI Grant and Team Grant conducting an intervention study in the York and Laval Regions. She is heading up the York Region arm of the study focusing specifically on cardiovascular awareness in the South Asian community, as well as assessing gender and volunteer roles.


Contact Tamara: dalyt@yorku.ca