Step Three: Session Preparation

H) Hire a Public Health Nurse/ Designated CHAP Health Care Professional :

The Local CHAP Coordinator should be present at each training session.  A public health nurse or other Designated CHAP Health Care Professional has to be available to assist with the training and be on site or on call for each CHAP session to address any medical or health issues related to blood pressure and hypertension.  Most CHAP initiatives have used public health nurses to fill this role.  The nurse may be employed by the CHAP Local Lead Organization, or by a health care facility.   The Designated CHAP Health Care Professional must sign a confidentiality agreement.  (See Appendix 7.5, Confidentiality Agreement, Designated CHAP Health Care Professional)

Responsibilities of the Public Health Nurse/Designated CHAP Health Care Professional:  (See  Appendix  1.3  Job Description; Designated CHAP Health Care Professional)

  • Assist in the development and delivery of CHAP Volunteer training sessions and refresher sessions.
  • Be familiar with CHAP and the latest Hypertension Canada guidelines and be prepared to follow the protocols outlined. (See Appendix 4.4, CHAP Session Blood Pressure Protocol)
  • Be available on-call or on site during the CHAP sessions to respond to CHAP Volunteer questions and address urgent cases that require re-assessment.
  • Interact with physicians or pharmacists on urgent participant needs as required.

I) Develop CHAP Session Schedule

A well organized schedule is necessary for the successful operation of the CHAP sessions.  You will have to accommodate the availability of your host location and preferred times for most participants.

Send a copy of the schedule to the following as appropriate for your community:  

Pharmacies Health and social service organizations
Community CHAP session locations Public Health Nurses
Local lead organization All CHAP Volunteers
Family physicians Local Public Health Unit

J) Invite participants to CHAP Sessions

  Community-wide CHAP Advertising

Advertise wherever it makes sense for your community.  (See Appendix 2.5 Participant Recruitment Sample Media Release and  Appendix 2.6  Participant Recruitment Sample Poster and Appendix 2.8 Social Media Post Samples) The CHAP Local Lead Organization may also wish to send out media releases and/or public service announcements depending on their own  communications plan.  Do not advertise or invite participant too far in advance of the start of the CHAP sessions.  1-2 weeks before has been found to be most effective.  Be sure to get approval for any social media postings from the account holders where you post or from anyone who you tag. (Appendix 2.9 is a Sample Consent for Media Release Form you may consider using for anyone whose image you wish to use in any advertising for CHAP). Photo Assist, (Appendix 2.10) provides some instructions on how to make the most of photos taken on a phone if no high quality camera is available.

Note: Many  CHAP Volunteers are also CHAP participants.  Advertising for the CHAP program may result in interest for both.